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Turn-Key Solutions Professionally Engineered

Our Story.
Conveyor Memphis Office

ConveyorMan is a full service, turn-key solution provider of engineered material handling systems. ConveyorMan's customers include a wide range of large, medium and small size businesses in both the manufacturing and distribution industries. Additionally through its subsidiary, Metal Products Company, it serves storage solutions for both commerical and industrial customers as well as those in the health and education sectors.

Our Services.
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ConveyorMan, Inc. has on staff licensed, registered professional engineers with years of experience in the material handling field.


ConveyorMan's services include complete system design, installation and maintenance.  ConveyorMan also offers a wide range of material handling products that include several unique trademarked and patented items.


To learn more about how ConveyorMan can help your business please contact us today!

Our Solutions.
Conveyor FedEx Canada Project

From lawnmowers to mobile phones, candy to video games, regardless of your product ConveyorMan can handle the solution. ConveyorMan has designed and engineered systems in the food and beverage industry, package handling industry, banking sector and just about any and everything in between.  If you need a professionally designed solution, ConveyorMan is your answer.


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